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Alliiwo sons and daughters in Diaspora press release

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

10th of January 2022

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Ademola Bello
Ademola Bello
Feb 03, 2022

Aliiwo Eulogy (3rd stanza)

Ali Onibudo (the Camp Commandant)

Grandmaster over his household

The war Generalissimo in the battlefield

When the snake goes hungry and the tortoise yawns

Little did they know that both the snake and the tortoise are as good as meat

From the heritage of he that digs out Ostrich from garbage

Wanabori – the man beclouded with smoke and fire

The gourd (Ado) refuses to spill or crack at Osogbo

Our ancestors smack the delinquent with sun-dried okro powder

Ali Balogun drags enemies to the outskirts of Ajagaase –

Hence Ajagaase is saved from the hands of the Fulanis

He says, who are those weaklings and voiceless that do not know my worth?

Without reinforcement, no…


Ademola Bello
Ademola Bello
Feb 03, 2022

Oriki Aliiwo (continued)

Ali Onibudo – baba n’le baba l’oju ogun!

Ebi n p’ejo, ahun n yan,

At’ahun at’ejo eran jije

O wa ogongo l’oju Alaatan

Wanabori Ado ma tu l’Osogbo

O fi’ilasa k’omo alaigboran l’ogbon

O gba Ajagaase sile lowo Fulani

O ni taani alakisa l’enu n f’oju di?

Okunrin ti ko l’eyin agbara eni

Ani ko ma di ti n gbaaro

Onibudo gba ile l’owo on’ile

Ali gb’oke l’owo ol’oke

Ebe la n be Dudu pari ola

Ko to ma gba’le lowo ojo kofo

Baba nle baba loju ogun

Oyedemi, adungbe loju ogun.

(Source: Family archives)


Ademola Bello
Ademola Bello
Feb 03, 2022

Aliiwo Eulogy (2nd stanza)

Descendant of he that stones chaos so that the voice of residents will be heard.

You are the stump that stands still and remains ever unshakable.

It is he that shakes the stump that will always be shaken.

Whoever dares Wanibori will only have himself to blame.

From the heritage of Ali Onibudo -

Grand Master over his household

The war Generallisimo in the battlefield.

You are the stream that fights to conquer the domain of others.

From the heritage of Orara, that spikes fresh wounds only for the fly to perch.

Descendant of Ali, he who erects mansions with the showers of the rain.

As your fathers return from the marketplace, they draw okro on…


Ademola Bello
Ademola Bello
Feb 03, 2022

Aliiwo Eulogy

Descendant of Jogioro – the man of strength and valour

Who wears an armoury made of bronze

From the royal ancestry of Soun (king) of Ogbomoso

You are the real charm that stings like the bee

The fierce Hyena that threatens youth in the plantation

Your ancestors are Okiinakiina

That throngs the fowl of others into the fire

You are Obiripiri, the elephant that wields it’s strength on the highway

Dadakiki - the friend of the Egbas

You are the true offspring of the clan (-head)

Your royal household is of three peculiar entries

One for the maids and servants

One for the neighbours in the house

The owner of the house owns the central pathway

The descendant…


Ademola Bello
Ademola Bello
Feb 03, 2022

Oriki Aliiwo

Awa lomo Soun l’Ogbomoso

Omo Jogioro akandehunso

Omo pitiefon tii l’omode ode ka’ko

Omo obiripiri Erin f’agbara Dana

Dadakiki ore Egba

Baale naa lo ni o sokansokan

Awa lomo elenu ona meta

Eru Ile a rinkan

Abani gbele a rinkan

Awon omo ile a run taarin gbungbun

Omo otoro obe toro Abe

Baare ni boo robe o mabe wa

Se b’abe dun j’obe lo

Abe ni gbe ni obe ki gbeyan

Omo ajoko tolowu maran

To fesoeso mowo loo idi e

Igba tolowu osoro

O no ki Loko re o se

Olowu o kuku soro

Oko e lo n kun

Omo omi nla tii Teri igbe Lele

Mo ti duro mo wa mo o omo Eesigi

Awa lomo…

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