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Olori Funmilayo Balogun

Baami as I used to call you.


It is still like a dream how you departed without bidding us bye and the journey of about three decades just ended like that.


I would always admire your forthrightness in our relationship as you never cajoled me or pretended to be what you were not when you met me as a relatively young girl.


So, I knew from the onset what I was going into and thankfully, I never for once regretted my decision to journey with you despite the age difference. As I did remark just immediately after your last breath that it was painful you left us, I was not sad because you had gone to rest.


I still feel the sense of loss but the fact that you led a fulfilled life against all odds was enough consolation. What's more, your reign as the Olubadan was though short but very remarkable and impactful.


You left for us and your children, legacies to be proud of. I cherish every moment we shared as husband and wife which was full of love, humour and pleasant memories. Assuming the opportunity presents itself again to journey with you as I have done, I won't hesitate because you were one in a million! Continue to peacefully rest till when we shall meet again to part no more, my love!


Olori Olufunmilayo Lekan Balogun.

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