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Princess Temilola Sulaiman nee Giwa

Adieu to Dr senator Oba Olalekan Mohood Balogun. You came, you saw, and you conquered.  My memories of you are coming to Aliiwo in the evening to your brethren.  Even though during the day you all belong to different political parties but in the evening, you are brethren comparing notes, chilling throwing banters wining, and dining together under the moon on the praying mat reclining You were a lover of family community people and humanity. My 1st reading glasses were paid for by you in 1984. You gave me a note to your physician, and in it, it read, examine her, if she needs glasses bill me and I got my 1st reading glasses, went to do my A level with it in ile ife. Thank you so much. I wish you Aljana Fridaous InSha'Allah bijahikudrat.


Princess Temi Giwa




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